Bluegrass Twerking Video About To Go Viral

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - DARRELL BROTHERS MOUNTAIN TWERKER VIDEO"Twerking" is a form of dancing in which the dancer, usually a woman, shakes her hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, causing the dancer's rear end to shake, according to the Internet's Wikipedia.

The Darrell Brothers latest video, "Mountain Twerker" could be going viral anytime soon. Posted just a few days ago it's already received more than a quarter of a million views.


There is no standard or uniform definition of what it takes for a video to be officially deemed as "Viral" but there are some who feel it takes a million hits on the site in a relatively short period and then there are others who think it should be more like 5 million.  But there is no exact figure.

The bluegrass community is considerably small when compared to the rest of the music world so it just could be that with almost 300,000 hits, "Mountain Twerker" could already be viral in our world.



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Prescription Bluegrass Blog said...

Editor's Note: Since publishing this story, Prescription Bluegrass has received several comments and opinions protesting the indecent nature of the video attached to the story. By nature "twerking" is a suggestive movement and it is obvious from the song and the video that the content was meant to be a spoof on the activity and the craze that is currently helping to fuel the vewing hits on the video.

Our story was about the fact that the video, a bluegrass video, has achieved what some may call "Viral Status" and our intent on publishing the video as part of the story was to allow you, the reader to put the story into context.

We take pride in our philosophy of always providing a family-friendly environment and if we erred in judgement and caused any offense, it was not our intention.

Since the story was about the fact that the video may be achieving "Viral Status" and not the video itself, we have now pulled the video from the story. It is, however available on various other sites if you feel you need to watch it.

We thank you for reading the News here on Prescription Bluegrass