National Day To Remember Carter Stanley Called for by Tom T. Hall

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  - STANLEY BROTHERSTom T. and Dixie Hall's Good Home Grown Music sent us a reminder that December 1st is going to be a special day for Bluegrass and Old-Time Mountain Music fans.

December 1st, 2013 will mark the 47th anniversary of the untimely passing of Carter Stanley, one half of the legendary duo, The Stanley Brothers.

The Halls and their record company have launched a grass-roots effort to make the occasion an annual day of remembrance - at least in the U.S.A.

"Reportedly it would take years to get it on the Congressional floor to make Dec. 1st declared as the "National Stanley Brothers Day".  So in view of the current Congressional track record let "we the people" support our rights to a day of musical tribute to the most deserving Stanley Brothers,"  they posted in their newsletter.

They also suggested ways they think "we, the people" can help the cause: 

  • Request records
  • ... Spin Records
  • ... Post this
  • ... Share this
  • ... Send it to all your friends and DJs

" ... let's get the word out and do our part to educate people worldwide about our precious musical treasure.  Let's make it a Stanley Brothers celebration," they encouraged.

Today, almost half a century later, Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys (the band that Ralph Stanley has led ever since the loss of brother Carter)  are still carrying on in the tradition OF the tradition.

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