WoodSongs Radio Show In Ireland: Celebration of Bluegrass!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - WOODSONGS IRELAND PROGRAM  2013This past summer, the  crew of the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour went to Dublin, Ireland for a special double-broadcast to honor the Irish connection to Bluegrass and Appalachian music.

The National Convention Center theatre along the Liffey River was surrounded that evening by old-time buskers performing for the huge crowds as two thousand people came to see WoodSongs.

Bluegrass musicians came from all over the nation to be part of the broadcast, including We Banjo 3, Niall Toner and more. A program highlight includes an adorable double banjo rendition of Grandfathers Clock by two 13 year old kids.

On Sunday December 1 the DISH TV Network will present a national broadcast of WoodSongs In Ireland: Celebration of Bluegrass at 1:30PM EDT on Dish Channel 102 as part of the Bluehighways TV Network programming.

Folksinger Michael Johnathon started the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour as a way to celebrate the grassroots music originally heard on front porches, cafes and festivals.

The live audience broadcast, which is all-volunteer run since its inception eleven years ago, is now heard on 509 radio stations, American Forces Radio Network in 173 nations plus every US Naval ship in the world, and millions of homes on public television across North America.

“Music is such a wonderful, beautiful expression between generations and cultures,” says folksinger/host Michael Johnathon from his log cabin home in Lexington, Kentucky. “So much of America’s music, especially Kentucky bluegrass, shares its routes in Ireland. Originally, Bill Monroe was playing Irish fiddle tunes on his mandolin. Eventually, that became bluegrass music and it has become a very popular, global art form.”

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  - WOODSONGS IRELAND AUDIENCE  2013Find out more online: www.woodsongs.com

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