6 Days & Counting - BLUEGRASS MUSIC APPRECIATION DAY Just a Week Away!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE -BMADWhat will you be doing next week on December 12th to celebrate the worldwide recognition of bluegrass music?
Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day (BMAD) began last year as just an idea by a very inventive young man in order for everyone; musicians, professional people, fans and friends to have a special bluegrass holiday at least one day every year.
December 12th, 12/12/13 on the calendar, is the day reserved for the 2nd annual Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day. This grass-roots effort that began as an idea from Lee Marcus, winner of the 2011  International Songwriting Competition (Instrumental Category) has now spread around the world.
According to Marcus, “At least one day of the year, everyone involved in this music can feel appreciated. From the professional artists to the most unknown closet picker. The day is not just for the people that play Bluegrass, but for EVERYONE involved in the music in ANY way.”
Prescription Bluegrass CD Reviewer W.J. Hallock says, “ (Marcus is) fearless, Lee has all the ingredients for success and his next effort will undoubtedly be even better than this ...”
At the time, I'm sure that Mr. Hallock was thinking of a future CD project. But as projects go, this undertaking by Marcus is even more monumental, and, with the momentum his idea generated last year, Marcus' success is now in the history books.
Whatever you're doing for Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day, be sure to log onto the website and record your ideas, celebrations and pictures:  https://www.facebook.com/BluegrassAppreciationDay

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