Assoc. of Bluegrass Disc JockeysThe Association of Bluegrass Disc Jockeys recognizes the importance of celebrating bluegrass music every day, but on this special Bluegrass Music Appreciation day they want to make sure the entire world knows how wonderful, invigorating and infectious it is.

Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day began last year as a way to mark a once in 1000 year event – the only occurrence of the digits 12-12-12 on the calendar. Worldwide enthusiasm spread and the celebration took on a life of its own.

This year, the second annual celebration of Bluegrass Music Appreciation Day will occur on 12-12-13 (December 12th, 2013). This day is set aside for lovers of Bluegrass music all over the world to come together for the appreciation of everything Bluegrass.

A brand new web page on Facebook has been created for you to share your ideas, celebration photos and fun. Visit the page often:


The Association of Bluegrass Disc Jockeys, who spin Bluegrass tunes on the air and on the Internet every day of the year, say:

Bluegrass - it's more than just another kind of music!


About the Association of Bluegrass Disc Jockeys

Founded in 2010, The Association of Bluegrass Disc Jockeys is for any radio announcer in any format who plays some or all bluegrass within their programming. The group's aim is to build the community of Bluegrass DJ’s and to provide a guiding voice to the bluegrass industry. The individual members broadcast on both traditional AM/FM radio as well as Internet streaming stations and range from volunteers on public or community radio to seasoned broadcast veterans. Membership is open to any broadcaster who plays Bluegrass music within their program. There are no fees or membership dues.

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