Darrell Webb Launches Signature Mandolin Line

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE- DARRELL WEBBOne of the benchmarks of an artist's success is when a musical instrument manufacturer decides the artist has enough popularity that their signature on an instrument will be a sought after commodity.

Darrell Webb announced on Friday this week that Hook Mandolins, handmade by Chris Shelton, will be licensed to manufacture and sell the Darrel Webb Signature F-Style mandolin.

Darrell describes the mandolin's unique features which include his signature on the body rather than on the cover plate over the truss-rod adjustment on the headstock where most instrument makers put the artist's signature. 

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGEHe also says the finish on the front is solid black which is unusual and each instrument sports a spider web on the face-representing Darrell's last name.  There is also a spider design embedded into the fret-board at the fifth fret.

The Darrell Webb signature model Hook mandolin retails for $3500.00 and are available from Hookmandolins.com

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