FACEBOOK  Friends take note!

Everyday we get friend requests from folks we don’t really know but that’s what this is really about for us.

Because of the broad reach of the radio program there are thousands, if not more, who listen regularly and therefore know us. It has always been our policy to accept friend requests without judgment as to political views, religious affiliation, likes, dislikes or other content on the requester page.  

However it has come the time to set some limits. 

Today we refused a friend request based upon the profanity content on their website.  Let’s face it, profanity is just not necessary, it’s rude and unwelcome.

We will not judge your lifestyle or your decisions but what you post on your page is a reflection upon your friends as well.  Therefore we will not accept friend requests and will un-friend any if profanity is a necessary component of your page.

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