Rhonda Vincent Tries Her Luck with Country Music Again!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - Rhonda Vincent - Only MeSteeped in Bluegrass but no stranger to Country Music, Rhonda Vincent has decided her newest album, due out in January, 2014, will be a mix of Bluegrass and Country Music.

The two disc ONLY ME CD, set for release  on January 28th of next year, is equally divided between the two styles. 

Rhonda, who tried a solo career in Country Music in the early 1990s and didn't find the success she'd anticipated, returned to Bluegrass in 2000 and has been particularly successful.

The New Queen of Bluegrass as deemed by the Wall Street Journal, is clearing the lane for her upcoming 2-Disc combination release that includes six-songs each of Bluegrass and Country. 

The project, appropriately titled Only Me, serves as a reminder why Rhonda Vincent & The Rage is the most awarded band in bluegrass music.  Only Me will be released on Upper Management Music, and available where all music is sold on January 28, 2014.

Sticking with her musical roots, Rhonda is joined by Daryle Singletary on “We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds,” while Willie Nelson adds vocals and a guitar solo to the title track.

The Bluegrass pickers on this song are some of the best that I have ever heard. When I think of Bluegrass, this is the sound that I hear,” says Willie Nelson.  “Rhonda’s voice is beautiful. I am thankful for her letting me be a part of it all.”

This project answers the question of whether Rhonda’s voice is bluegrass or country; by confirming, “it’s in the perception of the listener.”   Titled Only Me to further make the statement that either way, bluegrass or country, it’s Rhonda!

Track Listing:

Disc One/Bluegrass 

1.   Busy City
2.   I’d Rather Hear I Don’t Love You (Than Nothing At All)
3.   Only Me (Featuring Willie Nelson)
4.   I Need Somebody Bad Tonight
5.   We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds (Featuring Daryle Singletary)
6.   It’s Never Too Late

Musician Credits:
Hunter Berry - fiddles
Brent Burke - resophonic guitar
Mickey Harris - upright bass
Aaron McDaris - banjo
Rhonda Vincent - mandolin
Josh Williams - acoustic guitar


Disc Two/Country

1.    Teardrops Over You
2.    Once A Day
3.    Beneath Still Waters
4.    Bright Lights & Country Music
5.    When The Grass Grows Over Me
6.    Drivin’ Nails

Musician Credits:
Tim Crouch - fiddles
Kevin Grantt - upright bass
Carl Jackson - acoustic guitar
Mike Johnson - steel guitar
Catherine Marx - piano (all songs except Drivin' Nails)
James Mitchell - electric guitar
Michael Rojas - piano (Drivin' Nails)
Lonnie Wilson - drums

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