Tucson Bluegrass Musician Collapses On Stage - Dies at Hospital

Prescription Bluegrass Image - Charlie SidesIt was a shocker of an experience that no one expected and no one would ever want to happen.

Popular Tucson entertainer, Charlie Sides was performing on stage Tuesday evening (Dec. 17th, 2013)  and according to Peter McLaughlin who was in the band with Sides, "Charlie was singing great, in fine spirits and, as always, being a true entertainer, keeping the audience in stitches with his jokes, and just doing what he loved to do."

Right after singing one of his favorite songs, a Jimmy Martin number entitled "It Takes One To Know One", Sides collapsed on stage.

Paramedics were called and Sides passed away the following morning.

Sides, a retired engineering manager with the Boeing Co. was a band leader and business manager at Desert Sun String Bands and a poetry author - writing a total  of seven poetry books. 

As an engineer for Boeing in Seattle, WA, Sides was associated with many different projects over the years, the major programs were: Minuteman Missile, Environmental test labs, the Apollo Saturn (man on the moon) Program, the AWACS aircraft, and Test Equipment Mgmt.

He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

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