County Clare Welcomes New Band Members!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -  COUNTY CLAREShannon Slaughter has announced new band members and updates for the bluegrass band COUNTY CLARE.

Jesse Daniel (Mandolin, Dobro and Vocals), Casey Foster (Banjo, Guitar), Cliff Bailey (Bass/Vocals), and Stephen Burwell (fiddle) will join Shannon and Heather in the studio this summer to record a new album.  Shannon said, “We are really excited about these new musicians and people and believe County Clare will have even greater success in 2014.”


Shannon and his wife Heather recently welcomed the addition of a new baby girl to their family.  “While Heather will be scaling back some on performing with COUNTY CLARE and enjoying time with our new little girl, she will still be a part of the band. We are extremely dedicated to being the best parents we can be with Rae. We want her raised around family, friends, and the bluegrass music community because we believe they are the best fans in the world,” says Shannon.

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