Terry Poirier To Spinney Brothers

PRESCRIPTION-BLUEGRASS-IMAGE---TERRY[3]After five years with Newtown, bass player Terry Poirier is switching teams and moving over to the Spinney Brothers.

Terry says he joined the Spinneys on January 1st but doesn't start officially until the end of the month.  He sounds excited, saying, "I'll be very busy with them...going all over the place"

Terry made the announcement yesterday on his Facebook page saying, "I want to publically thank Kati Penn-Williams,Jr Williams, CJ Cain and Clint Hurd and PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -  SPINNEY BROTHERS_thumb[2]James Kee (previous mandolin player also for Newtown) for all the good times in the last 5 years in Newtown and I wish them the best of luck down the road.  My first show of 2014 (with the Spinney Brothers) will be at the Joe Val festival in Boston on Feb 16th."

"We are thrilled to have Terry Poirier join the Spinney Brothers band," states Rick Spinney. "We have known Terry for many years and respect his level of musicianship and dedication to Bluegrass music."

Poirier who is also a bluegrass disc jockey on the World Wide Bluegrass Internet Stream says he plans on doing only 4 more radio shows before he has to hang up his head phones and step down from all WWB duties after 7 years on the air.

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