PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS GUEST EDITORIAL: Should AM/FM Radio Be Required to Pay Performers for Broadcasting Songs Over the Air?

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - GRAPHIC POINT OF VIEW[Ed. Note: The following guest editorial on a highly controversial subject is from James Reams.   Your comments are welcome here if you wish to weigh in on this subject.]

Performance Rights vs. Radio Freedom
Who’s a Musician to Believe?




Digging through political doublespeak on the Internet is worse than having a dentist digging around in my mouth. It was like trying to swim in quicksand. I kept getting sucked in…deeper and deeper with each click of the mouse. And the articles weren’t short ones either, many had clickable references to other pertinent articles and off I would go, down another rabbit hole leaving behind a whole trail of Internet cookie crumbs. Okay, I think I mixed up a whole batch of metaphors there, but you get the idea. To say I was confounded would be putting it mildly. But I thought that as a musician, I should be informed about potential legislation that could affect my bank statement.

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