Rigney Family Launches Second Video From "Double Or Nothing"

imageDark Shadow Recording announces the launch of a Music Video from The Rigneys. "Something Old, Something New" is co-written by guitarist Andrew Rigney and producer Stephen Mougin.

Filmed in December at the historic Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace, TN, the video shows the song in an artistic band performance, with Andrew as narrator.


Under the watchful eye of director/editor AJ Schubert, this video follows the release of a live performance of "Double or Nothing" from the same video crew.

Mougin points to the album "Double or Nothing" as inspiration for the second single. "We really wanted to do something to showcase the stellar performance of Andrew on this cut, and making the video seemed the next logical step. It's a reflective song about the passing of time, regrets, and opportunities. His musical interpretation is way beyond his years and he really nailed the emotion in this vocal!"

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