Shannon Slaughter to Grasstowne!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS  -  SHANNON SLAUGHTERShannon Slaughter has just announced on his Facebook page that he will be the newest member of Grasstowne.

Very proud and excited to announce that I have joined Grasstowne!! Thanks to Alan Bibey, Justin Jenkins, and Kameron Keller for extending the invitation. Great guys and great music! Come Check us out at a venue near you!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  - SHANNON & HEATHER SLAUGHTER WITH NEW BABY  Rae CarrollShannon will still be fronting his own band, County Clare for select dates as well. 

County Clare will be going in the studio next month to begin work on a new cd that's due out in the fall.

Shannon and his wife heather recently announced a cutback on the County Clare activities for Heather after the birth of their daughter Rae Carroll this past summer and they introduced new band members (see related story).


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