Fans Can Download Becky Buller's First New CD in 10 Years Tomorrow!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -  BECKY BULLERAfter ten years of waiting and anticipation growing beyond containment for many of Becky Buller's fans, tomorrow the wait will end.

The physical product won't be available for a few more weeks but we heard from a reliable source this morning that digital download of the new album recorded at Dark Shadow's recording studios will be available at most download sites by tomorrow, March 28th, 2014.

Buller joined the Dark Shadow artist roster in January of this year after she and the labels founder, Stephen Mougin discovered they had the same musical goals.  Mougin, who also tours with the Sam Bush Band said,  “Becky and I are longtime pals, and I’m simply thrilled that she is joining our DSR family for this project. We share a love for Bluegrass traditions, a determination for quality, and a common musical vision. I didn’t plan on making any “side-man/side-woman” projects on the label but, when Becky told me about her plans for this record, I knew I wanted to be involved in a BIG way!”

The album will be primarily Bluegrass in content, with a couple of Old-time inspired songs, a couple of slightly more progressive tunes, an instrumental, and an A cappella gospel number.

“So many great singers have recorded my songs; I will never quit getting giddy when that happens," said Becky,  "but it's exciting to be going back into the studio to sing some of my own stuff again...a few things I've had tucked away for years, a new one or two, maybe even a surprise!

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