IBMA Cruises Mississippi & Ohio Rivers This Summer!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  - BOURBON & BLUEGRASSThe American Steamboat Company and IBMA have teamed up to produce two nine-day “Bourbon & Bluegrass” riverboat cruises on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, from St Louis to Cincinnati Aug. 29-Sept. 6, and then back from Cincinnati to St. Louis from Sept. 5-13.

IBMA members! Get a $100 coupon for on-board, and help IBMA receive 5% of fare rates collected for the Bourbon & Bluegrass cruises!

Fares, which range from $3,699 - $7,099 per person depending on the size and location of the cabin or suite, include five-star level meals and snacks (with complimentary beer and wine during dinner) during the week plus daily entertainment like Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, Chris Jones and the Night Drivers, and Storefront Congregation!

Daily guided bus tours at each port along the way are also included, with a number of activities on the boat and plenty of time for jamming!

If you are a current IBMA member, reserve your spot on the boat by calling 888-749-5280 or go to www.aqsc.com.

IBMA Members contact IBMA for your discount Code Number if you didn't get the email announcement.

Just for fun, the IBMA sent this clip to watch of John Hartford's life as a Steamboat Captain.

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