PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS NEWS GRAPHIC[5]Prescription Bluegrass is getting some rumblings about another SIMPLY BLUEGRASS program airing on RFD-TV this weekend.

We have confirmation from both Ricky Skaggs' offices and The Roy's management firm of their respective appearances on the show.   What we are not yet able to determine is whether or not this will be new footage that was not previously seen when the program was originally broadcast two weeks ago.

Tammy Carver from Skaggs Records confirmed that "all they were told was that "Ricky's 'Blue Nights' would be included but they didn't have any more information than that."

Today we got information from The Roys that they will be featured.  

Meanwhile we'll keep trying to get the facts but it is assured that some version, new or repeat, of SIMPLY BLUEGRASS will run on Country's Family Reunion this weekend on RFD TV.   Stay Tuned for More!

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