Rhonda Vincent Stops Thief with Video Camera!

The term "Bluegrass Police" may be more of a reality than we thought.  Nashville news media is reporting that the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent has serious detective skills.PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -   RHONDA VINCENT - MARTHA WHITE BUS

After noticing money missing from the safe in her bus over a period of time going back to 2013 and only while she was not using the bus on tour, Rhonda deduced that the thievery must be occurring while she was home and the bus was parked in a storage lot.

Rhonda set up a video camera and used special dusting powder on money she placed in the safe.

Sure enough, her attempts to catch the thief were enough and police arrested the suspect who was also seen on other videos breaking into other country music stars' busses.