The New & Improved Rocky Grass!

It hasn't been long since Colorado's summer rains washed away a ton of memories not to mention hundreds of tons of hardscape and buildings at the RockyGrass festival site.  But that too is a memory now as Planet Bluegrass reveals the glory and splendor of their massive overhaul and reconstruction efforts.

2014 may just be the best ROCKYGRASS Ever!  That is if emotions have anything to do with it.  With just about 3 months to go, it's hard to tell there was every any damage.  The management and crew's dedication to restoring in time for the summer festival season has paid off.


Green returns to Planet Bluegrass in Lyons Colorado! These photos were taken today - 7 months and 18 days after our historic flood. Who knew sod could evoke such emotions...

According to a post that came along with the organizations photos on their Facebook page, they ...know everyone is eager to see the amazing progress at the Ranch, but their hardworking crews have kindly asked that fans please do not visit the property -- it slows everyone's work and it's not yet safe for the public.

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