Bluegrass Civil War Album Get's Prime Time On RFD TV

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - GOD DIDN'T CHOOSE SIDESRural Rhythm Records has announced that its Civil War themed “GOD DIDN’T CHOOSE SIDES” album project, released February 2013, will receive major TV exposure with a special “Reno’s Old Time Music” episode dedicated to music from the album on May 17th  at 7:00 PM Eastern. 

“Reno’s Old Time Music” show, on RFD-TV, has a Nielson rating viewership of 1.2 million households on a monthly basis.  The GOD DIDN’T CHOOSE SIDES episode will feature songs from the album including “I’m Almost Home” written by Steve Gulley & Tim Stafford, “God Didn’t Choose Sides” and “Christmas In Savannah” written by Mark “Brink” Brinkman and Paula Breedlove and “Rebel Hart” written by Mike Evans and Paula Breedlove.

Show host Ronnie Reno described the episode performers as an “All-Star cast” which includes Marty Raybon, Steve Gulley, Tim Stafford, Dale Ann Bradley, Brad Gulley, Phil Leadbetter, Brandon Godman, Stuart Wyrick, Scott Powers, Bryan Turner, Vic Graves, Don Gulley and Debbie Gulley.

“This is the first show we have done that features a theme. I couldn’t have picked a better project to keep with traditions of America and show off the great talents in our industry”. - Ronnie Reno, Reno’s Old Time Music, RFD-TV, 2013 IBMA “Broadcaster of the Year”

Image635355577587800735Also featured on the episode are two instrumental songs, “The Girl I Left Behind Me” and “Buffalo Gals”, performed by Ronnie Reno & The Reno Tradition.   Mike Scott, Banjoist for The Reno Tradition, released his “HOME SWEET HOME (Civil War Era Songs)“ album in May 2013 featuring Civil War era songs including these two songs and eleven other classics.


There have been hundreds of books, movies and songs created about the battles, presidents, generals & heroes as told in our history books about the Civil War. However, rarely do we hear the stories on a personal level of the unsung heroes who gave their lives or had their lives totally turned upside down or Image635355579349031471adversely changed during the War Between the States which has had such an important impact on our American culture and historical foundation.

GOD DIDN’T CHOOSE SIDES focuses on the common men and women who were thrown together into the realities and horrors of war and displayed amazing acts of kindness, selflessness, faith, love and brotherhood to their fellow Americans.  Among the sites the songs draw their historical storylines from includes events at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania; Savannah and Andersonville in Georgia, Franklin in Tennessee, Vicksburg in Mississippi, Rapidan River in Virginia, Columbus in Ohio and more.

Produced by Steve Gulley, “GOD DIDN’T CHOOSE SIDES”, contains songs written by top Country, Bluegrass & Roots music songwriters; Paula Breedlove, Mark Brinkman, Brad Davis, Ray Edwards, Mike Evans and Terry Foust with performances by #1 hit artists including Marty Raybon, Russell Moore, Ronnie Bowman, Lonesome River Band, Dale Ann Bradley, Bradley Walker, Tim Stafford, Steve Gulley, Carrie Hassler and more.  In addition, a who’s who list of award winning musicians were chosen to accompany these top vocalists including; Ron Stewart, Adam Steffey, Justin Moses, Tim Stafford and Mark Fain.

For more information about GOD DIDN’T CHOOSE SIDES” go to www.goddidntchoosesides.com

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