Tenor Guitars Gather in Oregon!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - TENOR GUITAR POSTERThere aren't many tenor guitars in bluegrass.  Rabon Delmore was known to play the 4-string, so just in case you might want to find out what it's all about, we thought we'd post this notice for you.

The Tenor Guitar Foundation Board of Directors is very excited about this years annual event. It's going to be just a little bit bigger and hopefully draw a few more people to enjoy everything the area has to offer.

The 5th Annual Tenor Guitar Gathering in Astoria, Oregon will feature the largest number of tenor guitar performers ever gathered in the world. Over thirteen tenor guitarists traveling from Nashville, Montreal, New Jersey, New Mexico, California, Vancouver, and Seattle will be in town to perform for what has become known as "tenor guitar weekend" in Astoria, Oregon -  Thursday, June 5th through Sunday, June 8th.

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -  TENOR GUITAR POSTERTenor Guitar for the Absolute Beginner will cover the very basics. Wondering how hard it is to play tenor guitar compared with the six string guitar? Don't own an instrument, but are thinking about it? This is the workshop for you! You'll be able to learn enough chords to play hundreds of songs in minutes.

The Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame Advisory Board has voted Jimmie Dodd, from the original Mickey Mouse Club (his Mousketar was a four string tenor guitar) and Jerry Thomason, undisputedly the most heralded Texas fiddle back up tenor guitar player of all time, into the Hall of Fame. They join Nick Reynolds (Kingston Trio), Rabon Delmore, Robin Hunte, Scatman Crothers, Big Mike and Little Mike McKendrick and Tiny Grimes.PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - THE DELMORE BROTHERS  RABON WITH TENOR GUITAR

Something new this year will be a "Cigar Box Tenor Guitar Building" Workshop hosted by Bill Styler and Alan Matta, where children and parents will be able to make their own playable instrument. All materials will be provided. "Alan and I talked about this idea last year, and we're excited to be able to make it happen this year. He and I have both built these fun instruments on our own, and we will be sharing how it's done with anyone interested. You will leave with a three string, fretless, electric slide guitar that will get you started loving music and being able to jam with others!" said Bill Styler.

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