Phil Leadbetter On Pins & Needles but Still Hopeful!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE  -  PHIL LEADBETTERLast week we posted that Phil Leadbetter had some concerns about his cancer returning and was headed for tests this week.  Phil's news is not as hopeful as we all had wished.   Here is what he has to say:

"I spoke to my doctor yesterday following my scan, and he feels that the results show reason to suspect that my cancer may have returned. He's worried about several nodes that are showing abnormal activity. He wants to do a needle biopsy next week so he can be absolutely sure before he starts any kind of treatment. There is still a chance I could be clear, but at this point not looking real good. I'm gonna try not to worry too much until the biopsy. Keep us in prayers. Not looking forward to going through all of this again, but I will do whatever is needed to survive. Hope to see some of you guys this Friday in Benson, NC with the Dale Ann Bradley Band. This is all I know at the moment."

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