Tom Feller's Play-By-Play on: The Birth of A Radio Jingle!

Prescription Bluegrass often offers the opportunity for members of the bluegrass community to "Speak Their Mind."  Tom Feller took us up on the offer and writes this week's Guest Editorial on "Radio Jingles"

Guest Editorial by:

August 2010, began the musical partnership of Feller and Hill. Since that beginning, Chris and I have discussed having a wider and more entertaining approach to the music business. I've always been entertained by performers who use "radio personality" or "voice-over" references on stage, i.e. Ned Luberecki doing "the White Zone". Today's bluegrass scene has more bands and what I believe are higher quality bands than ever before.   For this reason, a group who wishes to succeed must find creative ways to promote themselves and their music. 

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