Vehicle Crashes Into Bluegrass Jam!

1844 Bethel Rd, Nickelsville, VAIn Nickelsville, VA last night, an out-of-control vehicle slammed into the porch at 1844 Bethel Road where the normal Friday night Bluegrass Jam was occurring.

According to state police, six people were injured. The vehicle was a 2002 Lexus SUV.

The House is known locally for the "Allen Hicks Bluegrass Jam" every Friday evening from 6-11.  The crash occurred at 9:30 pm.

All injuries were non life-threatening but five of the victims were transported, by ambulance, to the hospital where they were treated.

The driver of the vehicle, Talbert Henry Kinard (age 82), who was also injured, was cited for reckless driving.

According to police reports, Kinard was driving in the parking lot when his car suddenly began to accelerate. The SUV struck one pedestrian in the parking lot before striking a pole supporting the front porch of the building.

Four people exiting the house where the jam session was held were struck, including a woman who was pinned between the vehicle and a wall and a child who was momentarily trapped beneath it.

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