Blue Highway's Burleson Suffered Ulcer Episode while on Tour in Europe!

PRESCRIPTION BLUEGRASS IMAGE - Jason BurlesonJason Burleson Recovering Well in France

Powerhouse Bluegrass group Blue Highway is currently in France for a two-week tour with stops at the Country Rendezvous Festival in Craponne and the La Roche Bluegrass Festival in La Roche. 

Following a high octane first night's performance by the band, reflecting their energized current #1 album "The Game," Blue Highway's heralded banjo player and vocalist Jason Burleson awoke ill this morning with what has been diagnosed by physicians in Le Puy as a stomach ulcer.

Blue Highway's Rob Ickes writes this update from France:

"We just got back from visiting Jason, and he is doing much better!  The doctors think he had a stomach ulcer after being on an anti-inflammatory medication from an elbow issue he's been dealing with for a week or so.  Jason woke up violently ill early this morning and was taken to the hospital, thankfully right around the corner form our hotel. They quickly stopped the bleeding, and he appears to be mending quickly!  Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers! Jason and his family -- and everyone in our Blue Highway family -- truly appreciate your support!"

Rob additionally relayed that Jason should just need a few days to get his strength back, but in the meantime, concerts continue in France for Blue Highway featuring the remainder of the award-winning band members including Rob Ickes, Tim Stafford, Wayne Taylor and Shawn Lane.

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