British Bluegrass Music Assoc. Goes Digital for Voting!

Image635441116542650684There are actually two stories in one here.  For the first time is as long as anyone can remember, The BBMA has not one but two candidates running for the position of Chairman, David Rozzell and Dave Teague.

John Revell writes of the importance of voting on the associations, website, saying:

"Every year only about 20% of you actually vote. You probably reckon, quite rightly, that since there’s only ever one candidate for each post they’re going to get the job anyway, and they just need a few votes to make it all legitimate. This year though, it’s different. We need as many members as possible to vote, and on the really important vote we’ve made it easy for you to do so."

Now here’s the new and rather exciting bit. Because the vote for Chairman is so important we’ve developed an on-line voting option for those of you who haven’t got the time, energy, inclination or postage stamp to return your voting form. Just click on the “On-Line Vote” link on the homepage of the BBMA website and follow the instructions to cast your vote for our new Chairman. (This is a trial of the capability. If it works as well as we hope it will, then we’ll be looking to extend on-line voting to cover all committee posts in the future).

Ideally we’d like those of you who won’t be at the AGM to return your voting form with a vote for all three of this year’s posts. But if you can’t do that, then at least use the on-line facility to record your vote for Chairman. Our Chairman is the person who will lead the BBMA for the next two years, and it’s important that he gets the strongest possible mandate from the membership. Read the manifestos, make your choice, and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

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