NEW MUSIC WEEKLY'S HITS OF SUMMER 2014 EDITIONAugust 7, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA U.S.A. - New Music Weekly magazine is now in production for a special Hits of Summer 2014 edition.

Artists and bands that are attracting attention at radio for their release are encouraged to participate in this very special issue.

The music publication will put a focus on new music breaking at radio and on the artists with NMW chart activity both major and independent.

There will also be special features and news items pertaining to the acts with the best music for the Summer of 2014.

All artists, record labels and bands are encouraged to contact NMW as this special issue that could be helpful in building your Summer Hit.

Throughout our lives it seems that we always antiquate Summer with the music that we listened to in a particular year. Music seems to have the ability to put a stamp on any year and we can always seem to document our lives by looking back at the hit songs we remember. It’s the vacation times of our lives and the fact that the weather is hot and good (for most parts of the country) that helps to build those amazing summers in our minds. In later years we will hear an old song come on the radio and drift back to one of our best Summer’s ever, the power of music prevails during these special memories.

For many bands and recording artists, they look towards Summer as their time to shine. Again with the weather being at its best, it makes for the very best time for travel and touring. The fact that the kids are out of school and its vacation time for many also opens up the opportunity for concerts from outdoor arenas to those fabulous concerts in the park. Whether you’re a top name artist or band or if you’re just a hard working independent artist, it’s your time to take your music on the road and play for the fans. Nothing is better than a great outdoor (or indoor) Summer concert series.

Record labels also look towards this time of year to put out the right track for their artists. For many it’s about leaving the ballad behind and keeping the up-tempo tracks out there to keep pace with the excitement and energy of this very special season. Some experts tell us to hold the ballads for the winter time when the weather is cold and the ballads help keep us warm. There are always exceptions to the rule and some that dare to put a ballad out in the Summer can sink or swim. We’ll examine a few of those situations.

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