2014 National Champions Coming Out of Walnut Valley!

Image635470448043217987Held annually each year on the 3rd weekend in September, the Walnut Valley Festival is the home of the International Autoharp Championship, the International Fingerstyle Guitar, the National Mountain Dulcimer, the National Flat Pick Guitar Championship, the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship and the National Bluegrass Banjo Championship.

Other contests held at the Walnut Valley Festival are the National Mandolin Championship and the Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle. 



 2014 National Guitar Flat Pick Championships

  • 1st Place Winner:  Ben Cockman

City/State:  Sherrills Ford, NC

  • 2nd Place Winner:  Scott Fore

City/State: Radford, VA

  • 3rd Place Winner:  Tyler Grant

City/State: Boulder, CO 

2014 National Guitar Flat Pick Championships  Pictured L-R: Scott Fore of Radford, VA, (2nd Place), Ben Cockman of Sherrills Ford, NC (1st Place), and Tyler Grant of Boulder, CO (3rd Place)


 2014 Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Championships

  • 1st Place Winner:  Bronwyn Keith-Hynes

City/State: Jamaica Plains, MA

  • 2nd Place Winner:  Jason Shaw

City/State: Lincoln, NE 

  • 3rd Place Winner:  Roger Netherton

City/State: St. Louis, MO

 2014 Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Championships   Pictured L-R: Jason Shaw of Lincoln, NE, (2nd Place), Bronwyn Keith-Hynes of Jamaica Plains, MA (1st Place), and Roger Netherton of St. Louis, MO (3rd Place)


2014 National Bluegrass Banjo Championships

  • 1st Place Winner:  Brandon Green

City/State: Johnson City, TN

  • 2nd Place Winner:   Matt Davis

City/State/Zip: Alma, NE 

  • 3rd Place Winner:  Joe Gipson

City/State: Manchester, TN

2014 National Bluegrass Banjo Championships  Pictured L-R: Matt Davis of Alma, NE, (2nd Place), Brandon Green of Johnson City, TN (1st Place), and Joe Gipson of Manchester, TN (3rd Place)


2014 National Mandolin Championships

  • 1st Place Winner:  Ethan Setiawan

City/State:  Middleberg, IN 

  • 2nd Place Winner:  Gordon Neidinger

City/State: Pittsburg, PA

  • 3rd Place Winner:  Dave Goldenberg

City/State:  Nashville, TN

2014 National Mandolin Championships  Pictured L-R: Gordon Neidinger of Pittsburgh, PA, (2nd Place), Ethan Setiawan of Middleberg, IN  (1st Place), and Dave Goldenberg of Nashville, TN (3rd Place)

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