Historic Performances Found for Renfro Valley 75th Anniversary Episode!

Image635454224727304504On September 13th Reno’s Old-Time Music Show will devote an entire episode to celebrate and honor the important music history of the Renfro Valley Barn Dance over the past 75 years.

In addition, a re-broadcast of the special episode will air on December 13th 2014.  While working on the production of the 75th Anniversary show Ronnie Reno discovered a treasure trove of historic performances for the tribute to Renfro Valley Barn Dance.

One of the discovered video treasures is a wonderful performance by Old Joe Clark singing the classic “Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss”. 

In 1967 a movie was produced of the Renfro Valley Barn dance and it contained all the greats on it along with John Lair telling the story of Renfro Valley.  It was given to Ronnie Reno by Old Joe Clark’s son Terry, and included some great performances by his father.

Another video gem came from a clip of Sunday Morning in the Valley which Ronnie Reno received from Mac Wiseman from a show Mac recorded in 1971.  It was the only time that Mr. Lair took the old pump organ out of the barn and performed at Mac Wiseman’s Bluegrass Festival on the grounds of Renfro Valley. 

It is some of the greatest vintage footage that we have today and I am proud to pass it along to future generations”, said Ronnie Reno.

Other highlights on the tribute episode includes performances by  Tasha Harris, The Renfro Valley All-Stars featuring Debbie Gulley, John Lair and the Renfro Valley Folks along with historic interviews with John Lair and Pete Stamper.


The tribute episode that will run on Reno’s Old Time Music TV show was produced by Ronnie Reno and includes historic video performances from the Renfro Valley Barn Dance throughout its 75 years.  In addition, newly created video footage was recorded at Renfro Valley on August 1, 2014.  The newly created video which was shot at a variety of locations throughout the Renfro Valley entertainment center contains intros and background stories by Ronnie Reno for the various historic performances throughout the TV show.

Reno’s Old Time MusicTV show airs on RFD-TV and has a Nielson rating viewership of 1.2 million households on a monthly basis.

Renfro Valley Entertainment Center in beautiful Renfro Valley, KY, proudly known as "Kentucky's Country Music Capital”, is celebrating its 75th year anniversary.  Inside the lusciously green walls of this Valley you will find a music tradition that started back in 1939 by the founder John Lair. Great classic country, southern gospel, and mountain bluegrass music rings from the rafters and is “Still Going Strong” at two theaters to this very day. Many artists began their career or called the Renfro Valley Barn Dance their home over the years such as Red Foley, John Lair, Coon Creek Girls, Old Joe Clark, Pete Stamper, Homer & Jethro, Dale Ann Bradley, Steve Gulley, Troy Gentry (Montgomery Gentry) and more.

Rural Rhythm recording artist, Ronnie Reno, reigning 2013 IBMA Broadcaster of the Year and TV host of Reno’s Old-Time Music Show, has joined forces with Renfro Valley Entertainment Center and Rockcastle Tourism to help celebrate the 75 year musical history of the Renfro Valley Barn Dance.

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