Next Generation Releases First CD!

Image635454209643101737The bluegrass band, Next Generation has released their first studio CD.

Recorded and Produced by Dennis Caplinger Productions, the CD is the next step with the upcoming band that is taking the Southwest by storm.

It consists of 11 studio recorded songs with one of them and original, written by Sebastian Green, 17. “Bas” plays mandolin and vocals for the band. The rest of NGB consist of Zack Caplinger and Orion Johanning. Filling out the sound and keeping the beat is Dennis Caplinger on Bass. Dennis also shows his talent on Fiddle on one of the songs.


Next Generation is a young group (<20 years of age) that first took the stage as an ad hoc “Demo” band to demonstrate instruments that were to be raffled at the Summergrass festival in Vista, CA. Since then they have become a young sensation in the Southwest U.S. bluegrass music scene.

The band consists of: Zack Caplinger (20) from Murrieta, CA, Guitar/Vocals; Orion Johanning (18) from Temecula, CA, Banjo; and Sebastian Green (17) from Carlsbad, CA, Mandolin/Vocals; all of them are multi-instrumentalist. All are exceptional and very accomplished musicians for being so young and possess a mastery of their instruments well beyond their years.

They have performed at Summergrass-San Diego; Huck Finn Jubilee; Blythe, CA Bluegrass Festival; Casa Grande, AZ; and KSON Radio in San Diego just to name a few.

The CD can be purchased at one of their live performances or by mail by contacting them through one of the internet sites below. Their next scheduled performance is at the Plymouth, CA festival on Sept. 19-21, 2014.

More information can be found on their website:

or their FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/NextGenerationBluegrass

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