Nightflyer Releases Sophomore Album!

Image635455097116659818Nightflyer announces the release of their sophomore recording “RAIL, RIVER & ROAD.”

The CD includes 13 cuts, eight of which are brand new songs. 

After the success of the Paula Breedlove/Brad Davis original tunes the band recorded on their first CD, they went back to that well and found three more by this same songwriting duo that they felt were a perfect fit for the Nightflyer sound.

Rick Lang and Joe Richardson each contributed two songs, and the final original, “The Man I’ve Come To Know,” was written by Nightflyer lead singer and guitarist Richard Propps, honoring his late father. The cover tunes range from Hazel Dickens’ “Old River” to “Train, Train” made famous by the rock group Blackfoot, and later recorded by Dolly Parton.    

Propps carries the lead vocal duties, switching off for tenor when Ronnie Stewart steps in to take the lead on three tunes. The two even switch back and forth on lead and tenor between the verses and choruses for one song. “Rail River & Road” features each of the three remaining members singing a lead, with Tony Kakaris delivering the majority of the baritone harmonies.

The music is all played by band members Rick Hayes (mandolin), Tony Kakaris (bass), Ronnie Stewart (banjo), Tim Jackson (dobro) and Richard Propps who played the guitar for his father’s song, and guest guitarist Clay Hess (The Clay Hess Band) providing the rest of the rhythm guitar.

The band could not decide on one track to feature as the album name and when they discovered that they just happened to end up with three train songs, two road songs and “Old River,” it seemed a traveling theme was in order.

“RAIL, RIVER & ROAD” was tracked, mixed and mastered in Rick Hayes’ studio Hayes Productions outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Hayes and Clay Hess co-produced and arranged the songs. Lyn Hayes, Rick’s wife and co-owner in Hayes Productions, provided the CD graphics. The CD is released on their indie label, Kang Records.

“RAIL, RIVER & ROAD” is now for sale on the Nightflyer website at www.nightflyerband.com, CDBaby and coming soon to iTunes.Image635455098951864785

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