Two Guys - Same Name - Same Stage!

Image635457683566326422There has always been some confusion over the two Wayne Taylors (Blue Highway and former U.S. Navy Country Current and now Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa).   From Circa Blue's Steve Harris, we got the following note and began to wonder just how many times this scenario could occur. 

We played the Bluegrass in the Park Folk Life Festival in Henderson KY this month and we and the The Trinity River Band played subsequent sets.

STEVE HARRIS (TRINITY RIVER BAND) L   STEVE HARIS (CIRCA BLUE) RWe snapped the attached pic of their guitar playing "Steve Harris" and I as we made the band switch on stage. Two of the finest looking gents in bluegrass today with the same name!!! :)

We had actually met previously at IBMA two years ago, and Steve is a nice man with a great family.

That's a great festival btw! They treat the bands like rock stars....an air conditioned band tent, best food you ever ate, gift basket, plush motel 2 miles away from the venue with only one turn etc. Upon taking the stage, an attendant greeted each band member with a towel and queried, "Would you like a cold or room temperature water?".

Image635457684741723651They have a significant turnout from their community and I'd say we played to close to two thousand music adoring folks.

Image635457685368659510To top it off, it takes place on the bank of the Ohio River, where you watch barges traversing up and down with their wares as you perform. We performed Banks of the Ohio (for the first time on the banks of the Ohio) and it was an almost spiritual experience. Have never had a crowd sing a song from the heart as they did.  . . . Anyhoo.........  

Thought it might be news worthy and fill a humorous spot.

We are forever grateful,

Steve Harris (Circa Blue) www.Circa-Blue.com

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