Short Mountain Brothers Band Has Job Opening for Fiddle Player!

Image635494839723958492The fiddle is one of the key ingredients to The Short Mountain Brothers sound, without it there is a huge void.

The group, based out of West Virginia, is currently looking to add a new fiddle player - someone who is willing to travel around the east coast, has plenty of stage experience, at least 2 years of playing experience, harmony vocalist is a plus, but not a requirement, and must be willing to perform 2-3 nights a week.

If you would like to have more information about the group or if you are interested in auditioning please contact Joseph and submit a photo, You Tube video, or audio file to hottg@frontiernet.net.

They look forward to hearing from you!

Joseph Hott  and The Short Mountain Brothers really appreciate their members, without them their signature sound would be lost!

Joseph Hott began his music career at the early age of 14.

A self, taught musician began by playing guitar and singing tenor for a small gospel group in Cumberland MD., in a year’s time he would become the lead vocalist and manager/leader of the group.

By the age of 16 Joseph had been playing on a local television show called “He’s Alive”.  Later in that year Joseph would go on to record his first album “Soulful Dream’n” at National Media Services, a place he calls home when it comes to recording his albums.

By his second album the Short Mountain Brothers were born and Joseph’s music would have a whole new twist. Joseph was honored in 2014 to work with special guests

Chris Sexton of Nothin Fancy and Robert Mabe of Dry Mill Road on his album “Riding the Rails”.

Joseph also work’s with a former entertainment artist from California, Tom Utley.

Tom has spent twenty years in the entertainment business doing album covers for Stevie Nicks, Beach Boys, Glenn frey and Steve Goodman.

He was the scenic supervisor of Life Time Television and designed title art for HBO Cinemax, KCAL television and Fox television.

Tom has designed every album of Joseph’s but aside from the business aspect Tom and his family are very close friends with Joseph and his family.

Joseph resides in the small town of Augusta West Virginia he has been known and recognized as “The best well, kept secret of West Virginia”.

Joseph and his band classifies their music as “Soulful Mountain Music” it is bluegrass infused with a country flavor as it’s not your typical mountain music or is it typical bluegrass it is something new Joseph and his band have created but it’s also something you have to hear to really understand.

Joseph is very grateful for his band members and the time and effort they put into their music.

Jacob Bly is the banjo player from Stephen city VA., who is also a recent graduate from Virginia Tech.

He has his own unique style of banjo picking that fits well with the Short Mountain Brothers sound.

He has played with many other bluegrass bands and has had years of experience and his banjo playing is living proof of his dedication and love of the music.

Gerald Hott is the bass player he too resides in Augusta and he is the father of Joseph.

Gerald is a self, taught musician he has been playing the bass with the group for, four years now and has never missed a show.

Tom Woods is the former fiddle player for the group although, he still makes appearances when he can he has recently retired from the business after 60+ years in music.

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