Watch The Gibson Brothers on BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND Beginning This Week!

Image635488605548256525Word from Eric Gibson comes today with news that the brother's appearance on the PBS BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND program will begin airing in some markets this week.

Eric and Leigh will have to wait another week yet before they can see the program in their market and advises fans to "check local listings for an airing in your market. "

For a list of PBS stations that carry the program, click !

Bluegrass Underground is a musical adventure series that shines a light on purveyors of musical authenticity in a space unlike any other on (or under) earth. Bluegrass Underground emanates from the Volcano Room, a subterranean amphitheater 333 feet below McMinnville, Tennessee at Cumberland Caverns. The acoustic properties of the Volcano Room are singular. In fact the room only resonates at 2 frequencies meaning that experiencing live music there is akin to attending a concert inside a recording studio.

Audio engineers are amazed at the natural acoustics and world renowned lightning artist Allen Branton uses the space to paint light upon the primordial darkness found inside this cave. Music and light entwine in this series which celebrates the natural beauty and musical culture that is uniquely American. Discover the full spectrum of Americana and Roots music at Bluegrass Underground.

Earlier this year, the acclaimed PBS music concert event earned four coveted EMMY awards from the 28th Annual Mid South EMMY Awards from the National Academy for the Television Arts & Sciences.

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