Amanda Cook Releases Debut Solo Album!

Image635510346180556006ONE STOP ALONG THE ROAD is the name of the new bluegrass album released by Amanda Cook.

While she may be new on the bluegrass scene, don't let that fool you into thinking she may be short on talent.  Quite the contrary!  In fact one of the most professional and talented newcomers we've heard in recent times.

Image635510353644722932Amanda is from the Pensacola, Florida area and has been playing in a local group there for about ten years.  She says her dad played the banjo while she was growing up so bluegrass was in her blood.

"I dreamed about hiring my own group and beginning a project and in 2013 I got up the nerve to make it happen," said Amanda

That project, ONE STOP ALONG THE ROAD, was released in October 2014.

One Stop Along the Road includes some power-hitter musicians such as Aaron McDaris, Randy Kohrs, Brandon Bostic, and Becky Buller.

The title track is one that Amanda is especially proud of because it was written by a Pensacola writer, Mr. Larry Book. The album was produced by Brandon Bostic (Nashville, TN and Clint Wilson (Voldosta, GA).

The project is a mixture of hard driving bluegrass, contemporary bluegrass and gospel.

Listening samples are available on Amanda's , and available for purchase on itunes and Amazon.  OR order directly from her .

She's also uploaded tracks for Bluegrass Radio Broadcasters on and indicated that she is available for radio interviews.

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