7th Annual Marathon Jam About To Set All-Time Record!

Image635580215990046600The 7th annual MARATHON JAM for the Ft Bragg Fisher House will be held SATURDAY, February28th from 1 PM to 1 AM at the AMERICAN LEGION POST 6 in Chapel Hill, NC!

According to Jam Founder, John Santa, "Last year was an incredible year for us. We raised well over FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS and with the addition of the money sent from the Boone, North Carolina and Naples, Florida Marathon Jams, we were able for the first time to take over TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to the Ft. Bragg Fisher House!"

Santa said this Chapel Hill all time record donation was made possible because of  the Marathon Jammers and once again he is asking jammers to PLEASE being AT LEAST a two hundred dollar donation to sit in the circle and play music with!

That may SOUND like a lot, but its just asking ten friends to sponsor you for TWENTY DOLLARS.  Santa says if everyone brings in that two hundred dollars, "we’ll break another record this year!"

The Six-Year Total of donations  is over SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS given to the Ft Bragg Fisher House and Marathon Jams nation wide will raise over TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for Fisher Houses across the country in 2015!

"We are delighted to have had Marathon Jams in eighteen cities across the United States and in FOUR countries--the USA, Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa,"  said Santa. "This year we will be adding our FIFTH country when a Marathon Jam will be held for the first time in Viet Nam!"

"We are proud once again to partner with Quilts Of Valor, so come and celebrate as we make some great acoustic music and raise money and watch as we wrap our brave veterans in red, while and blue quilts!
If you can’t make it, or just want to inspire us, you can contribute RIGHT NOW by going to www.marathonjam.com!"

The American Legion Post 6 has graciously donated the use of their facilities to the Marathon Jam for SEVEN YEARS in a row and as if THAT is not miracle enough, they are the ONLY location in Chapel Hill that has acres of FREE parking in the entire city!!


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