Cumberland River Returns!

Image635574123186664500It has been just about a year since the band's (then) leader Jamie Dean announced the end of the band and his relocation to Florida.

Now, the band says they've remembered why they're here.

Fans can still expect the same edge, drive, and passion they have come to love in the music from Cumberland River!

Cumberland River’s popularity grew dramatically when they gained national attention when eight of their original songs were featured on numerous episodes of the hit FX Network’s TV show, Justified staring Timothy Olyphant. I

The band received a 2013 IBMA Momentum Award nomination and has two albums to their credit – the self-released, “Rock Island Express” along with “The Life We Live” on Rural Rhythm Records.

Plans for a new album is in the works!  The band has been in contact with a record label and management agency and an agreement could be reached soon.  A new website is being set up now and will be announced when it is ready to go public.  Fans can keep up with the band on social media until the website is ready.  for Cumberland River on  Facebook click here.    For Twitter  click here.

According to the band's spokesperson in a news release issued today,

"What we want everyone to know is that we're still here. Most importantly to our fans we want to say that we apologize for our absence. We remember why we're here. Why we do what it is we do. Every practice you are on our minds. Your same favorite CR songs will frequent our set lists. We have a new album brewing. All of the writing is complete.All of the arrangements for individual songs have been made.We just have to get boots on the ground in a studio. We are on the horizon of a new era of Cumberland River. The passion for what we had been doing is still there. It wasn't diminished in any way. It wasn't even dormant. The song writing has prospered in this period of downtime. Our music's defining attribute has been it's realness. It's adhesion to life as we know it, as we've seen it, and as we've lived it. Life is a beautiful, horrible, awesome, tragic, amazing, and terrifying experience.We strive to imbue our songs with reality. Nothing here has changed."

The new line up will be

  • Dustin Middleton--Mandolin
  • Jamie Stewart--Dobro
  • Joey Jones--Bass
  • Brandon Elkins--Banjo
  • Jamie Clark--Guitar

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