Ripsaw Partners with Patuxent for Upcoming Louie Setzer Bluegrass Album!

Image635560787870442894RIPSAW RECORDS announces that it has partnered with PATUXENT MUSIC to produce a LOUIE SETZER bluegrass album to be released in the early spring of 2015.

SETZER, aka "The Duke of Bluegrass" with his "titanium tonsils," was RIPSAW's first recording artist (Ripsaw 209; 1976).

He is also RIPSAW's most recent artist, having recorded two tracks released in April 2014 on "The Best of Ripsaw Records, Volume 4".

SETZER has been performing hard-driving traditional Bluegrass Music for over 40 years. His affiliation with RIPSAW led to his winning the New York City Bluegrass Club's Band of the Year Contest, beating the YANKEE REBELS, who had won the previous five years, and leading to a string of sold-out gigs at the legendary BELLS OF HELL in Greenwich Village.

All his earlier RIPSAW releases are on the "Best of Ripsaw"” series and are available at Ripsaw Records website and Amazon.com.

His latest CD "WISH I WERE THERE" is also available there and through www.louiesetzer.com.  All of his RIPSAW releases are widely available for download and are on YouTube.

The album will be recorded at PATUXENT MUSIC's studio in Rockville, MD (TOM MINDTE, engineer).

Musicians will be NATE GROWER (Delaware State fiddle champion, who often plays with DAVID BROMBERG), MARK DELANEY (banjo) (WASHINGTON AREA MUSIC ASSOCIATION Bluegrass Musician of the Year, who regularly plays with DAN PAISLEY), TOM MINDTE (mandolin master of the PATUXENT PARTNERS), and RON PENSKA (doghouse bass, who plays with SETZER's regular band, THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN BOYS).

RIPSAW is predominantly a roots rock 'n' roll and rockabilly label. It has released critically acclaimed recordings by MARTÍ BROM, BILLY HANCOCK, and TEX RUBINOWITZ among others.

PATUXENT is primarily a bluegrass label. It has, for example, released highly lauded recordings by DANNY PAISLEY, FRANK WAKEFIELD, and EDDIE & MARTHA ADCOCK.

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