Bluegrass To Be Well Represented at Folk Alliance 2015 Meet!

Image635593685330573089Quicksilver Productions will be showcasing at least 3 of their top acts known for stellar bluegrass at the upcoming 2015 Folk Alliance International convention.

The 2015 convention is to be held at The Westin Hotel, Kansas City, MO,  February 19-21.

I Draw Slow Captivating Americana from the Emerald Isle ..."with WHITE WAVE CHAPEL, their best album to
date under their belt, it seems a matter of time before I Draw Slow will dominate the global folk scene."  - Peter McGuire,  Huffington Post

Town Mountain
Hard-Drivin’ Appalachian Bluegrass from the Carolinas is..."sporting a sound rooted in string band tradition but with a fearsome instrumental drive that makes its music anything but a museum piece. The band has watched its audiences grow younger, larger and more feverishly enthusiastic." - Walter Tunis, Kentucky.com

Finnders & Youngberg
Colorado New School Americana
"The straight-forwardness with which Finnders & Youngberg deliver bluegrass on the album is complimented delicately with large sprinkles of honkey-tonk steel and glorious folk harmonies; all layered with a coating of thick, rich lyrical delivery and songwriting.” - Charlie Englar, Scene Magazine

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