Song Contest - For The Dogs!

Image635602260294409987A lot has been said about Donna Hughes song "Dog On A 10-Foot Chain" and a lot more interest in the traumatic situations many dogs suffer has been generated because of the song's associated video.

Even celebrities have jumped onboard to help Donna with her cause. But Donna's not content to stop there.  We received a note from her today announcing a special SONGWRITING CONTEST sponsored by DOGS DESERVE BETTER!  She wanted us to let everyone know and we're glad to do it.

Donna says, "We want everyone's BEST DOG SONGS! It is FREE to enter, and entries will be accepted through June 30."

Judges the song entries will be: Carl Jackson, Larry Cordle, Jenee Fleenor, Brink Brinkman and, of course, Donna!

Prizes are: A Signed Guitar (names to sign will be a surprise), a tuner, strings, picks, a photo shoot (if willing to travel), a music store gift card for $25, and other prizes!

DOGS DESERVE BETTER is an organization that rescues and rehabilitates dogs from chains & tiny pens, and gives them a better home.

According to Donna's note to us, the organization has more than three quarter of a million fans on Facebook! They had 348,000 fans last September and they expect to reach a million before summer!

Donna hopes the contest will revive everyone's love for their dogs while publicizing a horrible condition that many dogs are forced to endure day after day.  And she reminded us of some very powerful words used by Margaret Mead: 

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."

For more information and entry rules, email Donna at:


Or visit: http://dogsdeservebetter.org/2015songcontest.html


Donna Hughes said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COVERING THIS! I would also like to say, that Dogs Deserve Better bought the Michael Vick Estate & Mansion, through donations, and turned it into a Rehab Center for Abused Dogs. They are AWESOME! Please like DOGS DESERVE BETTER on Facebook!

Donna Hughes said...

I would like to add that Dogs Deserve Better bought the Michael Vick Mansion & Estate through donations, and it is now a sanctuary & safe haven for rescued, abused dogs! How cool is that?