3rd CD Coming from: Songs From The Road Band!

Image635620279290704871Lucks Dumpy Toad Records  presents Songs From The Road Band's 3rd album , TRAVELING SHOW to be released April 21st.

Songs From The Road Band is a "side project" but don't be misled by the moniker, its more a misnomer than an appellation of accuracy. 

Side projects can sometimes be throw-offs, something to fill time between the "real jobs".  Such is not the case with this band. 

The 14 songs on TRAVELLING SHOW were written by Charles R. Humphrey III and co-writers: Shawn Camp, Phil Barker, Charlie Chamberlain, Mark Bumgarner and Sam Gutheridge. 

From the opening title track through to the closer, "By the Banks", the album is a reflection of where these accomplished troubadours were in their lives at the time these songs were rendered.   It's the kind of album that unfolds when a band of close knit friends gather in support of one another and the songs they created together. 

Image635620281011143274The group is comprised of Charles R. Humphrey III (Steep Canyon Rangers), Andy Thorn (Leftover Salmon), Mark Schimick (Josh Daniels/Mark Schimick Project), Jon Stickley (Jon Stickley Trio), Sam Wharton, Phil Barker & Bobby Britt (Town Mountain), Andrew Marlin (Mandolin Orange), a veritable who's who of North Carolina bluegrass and folk-roots bands.

Songs From The Road Band formed in 2004 when Charles Humphrey pulled its members together to record songs he'd written while traveling the roads with the Steep Canyon Rangers.

The guys began their musical friendships in Chapel Hill, NC where many of them often jammed together. 

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