Dry Branch Fire Squad Joins Quicksilver's Cavalcade of Stars!

DRY BRANCH FIRE SQUAD:  L to R: Dan Russell, Brian Aldridge, Tom Boyd, Ron Thomason Quicksilver Productions is thrilled to add seminal bluegrass stars Dry Branch Fire Squad to their artist roster, known in-house and marketed outside as the Quicksilver Cavalcade of Stars

The band joins Quicksilver just in time to celebrate their upcoming 40th Anniversary and associated touring in 2016.  Their 40th anniversary tour will be christened: Capturing the Soul of American Music!

Dry Branch Fire Squad provides thoughtful harmony lines that give expression to the soulfulness and meaning of bluegrass and old-time music. With impeccable timing and knowledge of the modern side of country, Ron’s (Thomason) social commentary, catchy lyrics and song choice from the oldest traditions of music makes Dry Branch Fire Squad one of the most entertaining bands in bluegrass.

"Dry Branch Fire Squad makes vibrant, engaging music that is immediate in its impact and timeless in its resonance." 

- Express Times Easton, PA

"It's a matter of receptiveness, of openness to a tradition...(they) show sensitivity and respect for the people who "made" this music...(The music) is beautiful but there is another side to this band that must be experienced in the flesh: humor...I've seen full barrooms grow so quiet I could hear the soda fizz in my glass. And I've seen audiences so convulsed with laughter that minutes had to pass before the show could go on."

- Joe Wilson, National Council of Traditional Arts

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