New "Goodtime" Banjo Uke from Deering!

Image635624411703092042Unless your band is doing a bluegrass cover of Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" you may not have need for a ukulele.  But you still might like to know the popularity of the instrument is surging.

According to the Deering Banjo company, the last five years have seen significant growth in the playing of both the banjo and the ukulele.

The banjo/ukulele combination is not new, they've been around since the 1920's.

Following resurging interest in banjo and ukulele playing over the last 5 years,Deering has now  introduced the new Goodtime Banjo Ukulele, ($499 MSRP) available now at authorized Deering banjo dealers.

Alongside the Aquila® Super Nylgut strings, patented bridge plate and renaissance head, players will instantly notice that the Goodtime banjo ukulele boasts a genuine concert ukulele scale and a full size 11” rim, instead of the smaller, more common 8” rim of other banjo ukuleles over the last 70 years. The larger rim allows for a fuller, warmer tone and noticeably bigger ukulele sound while retaining the familiar banjo ‘snap’.

“Customers have been asking us about a banjo ukulele for a long time” says Deering Marketing Director David Bandrowski. “We definitely wanted to offer a fuller, more accurate banjo ukulele sound with this instrument. We took our time to really create something different to what was already available and we are really excited with the results.”

Tonally, the warmth of the larger rim is further enhanced by the use of a Deering renaissance head which naturally lends itself to a much warmer sound than its traditional frosted top counterpart. The Goodtime banjo ukulele is finished off with a set of Super Nylgut strings from renowned ukulele string manufacturer Aquila, giving the Goodtime banjo ukulele superior playability and longevity, as well as beautiful balance across all the strings. Fans of strumming style ukulele playing will truly enjoy the fuller sounding chords at their disposal.

"The details of the Goodtime banjo ukulele is what makes it so special. The strings are no exception and when it came time to consider options, Aquila was the only real option", says Bandrowski.

Aesthetically, the concert scale Goodtime banjo ukulele is crafted in a blonde maple with a renaissance head, hardwood bowtie inlays, nickel plated hardware, nylon strings, guitar style tuners, and the new patented Deering bridge plate. The bridge plate helps to increase sustain while reducing unwanted bass frequencies and makes for a warmer, fuller tone without the harsh higher frequencies which can make a banjo ukulele sound thin and insubstantial.

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