Trout Steak Revival's BRIGHTER EVERY DAY to be Released Next Week!


Historically, mountain ranges have been formidable barriers for civilization.

But for the first settlers who passed through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, those features gave way to a unique sense of independence and became insulators form the rest of civilization, with collaboration, rather than competition, as the prime virtue.

Flash forward to 2015, and you can hear this dynamic at play on BRIGHTER EVERY DAY, the newest album from TROUT STEAK REVIVAL.

From Trout Steak Revival’s beginning as an informal jamming unit during treks through the Front Range, this Denver-based roots quintet has evolved into one of Colorado’s most tightly-knit bluegrass bands.

Their brand of heartfelt songwriting blends dynamic musicianship with intricately woven harmonies, all tied together with the unmistakable sound of their years of friendship.

From sweat-soaked clubs to mountain festivals, the five-piece has shown a tenacity for quick-picking and all the right polish without sacrificing the raw feeling of well-executed bluegrass.

The band has earned a place in the mountain states roots scene, performing to sold-out audiences, winning an Emmy Award for a soundtrack with Rocky Mountain PBS, and recently, winning the 2014 Telluride Bluegrass Festival band competition.


Most of the members of  Trout Steak Revival originate from the Midwest, having moved west to settle in Colorado.  Many of the songs on BRIGHTER EVERY DAY center on storytelling and the varying places and experiences they've each come from, echoing a tension between rootedness and wanderlust.

BRIGHTER EVERY DAY  was recorded in August, 2014 at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver. It was produced by Chris Pandolfi of the Infamous Stringdusters and was funded by Trout Steak 's gracious and generous fans via a successful Kickstarter campaign.

BRIGHTER EVERY DAY  is set for release March 26th when the band will play the Bluebird Theatre in Denver to celebrate the release.  This will also be the group's debut performance at one of Denver's premier music venues.


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