Tex Logan Health Update - Better but Not Out of the Woods Yet!

Image635639414615439232To recap the story from late last week: Bluegrass fiddler and pioneer Tex Logan was admitted to the hospital for hyperkalemia - a condition where too much potassium is stored in the blood from a kidney disease.

Tex' daughter, Jody, has been diligently updating fans with any news and today writes that Tex has been discharged to a sup-acute rehab center in Morristown, NJ where he will get physical therapy and stronger.   She says ".../he is medically stable but cannot get up and about."

She and Tex both appreciate the thoughts and prayers that have been coming their way but hope that fans understand it is impossible for them to respond to everyone's messages at this time.

If you care to leave a get-well message here for Tex, just use the comment section and we'll be glad to forward them all on to Tex and Jody.

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