Tex Logan Passes!

Photo courtesy of Fred Robbins  http://frobbi.org/texlogan.htmlBenjamin Franklin "Tex" Logan Jr. passed away Friday April 24th after an emergency hospitalization and subsequent rehabilitation from which he never was able to recover.

His health had been teetering for more than a year.  His latest trip to the emergency room was due to a condition known as hyperkalemia (too much potassium in the blood) due to a kidney disease.

He was later transferred to the Genesis Morris Hills care facility in Morristown, NJ for rehabilitation but was never able to regain his strength.

His daughter Jody was with him daily and held him in her arms at the end, singing "Wayfaring Stranger" to him.

Tex Logan was a man who walked in two worlds.  The bluegrass world knew him best as a first-class fiddler who played with the best - including the "Father of Bluegrass", Bill Monroe, Peter Rowan and even Grateful Dead founder, Jerry Garcia. The scientific world knew him as an American electrical engineer who held several patents.

Logan took violin lessons as a child in Texas and from as far back as his adolescent days he was torn between his interest in science and his love of playing the fiddle.  He said at one point he would gladly trade 20 years of engineering for one night of fiddling.

Funeral arrangements will be announced on Monday, April 27th.

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