James Reams Offers Free Download for Mother's Day!

Image635665841097353681Mother's Day invites us to recall the strength and courage of mothers past and present. Not so long ago, mothers held their little ones close and offered hope for the future as the family farm fell to the auctioneer's hammer. Today, homeless mothers and their children litter our streets in a scenario that hasn't changed much in a hundred years. Mothers are still the glue that hold their families together.  - James Reams

For a limited time and just in time for Mother's day, James Reams has sent out a link for you to download one of his more popular songs.  The download is free.

This song is the title track from James Reams & The Barnstormers "Troubled Times" album released in 2005.

"Troubled Times" was written by James Reams and he delivers it with a heartfelt warmth and "southern-tinged vocals that sound as smoky as his heroes - Lester, Carter and Red".   James' haunting lyrics are just as true today as families continue to lose their homes to foreclosure.

James is making the song available as a FREE download from his website for a limited time only.

Just click HERE to be taken to the website to download the MP3 (it appears at the bottom of the page containing sample tracks).

You can also subscribe to James' mailing list right on the same page.

To read more about the "Troubled Times" album, please go to www.jamesreams.com.

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