JUKEBOX BLUEGRASS Album Due From Louie Setzer This Month!

LOUIE SETZERRIPSAW RECORDS and PATUXENT MUSIC, it will  issue a joint release with the LOUIE SETZER 14 song "JUKEBOX BLUEGRASS" album by the end of this month.

SETZER (with his "titanium tonsils") was RIPSAW's first recording artist. He is also RIPSAW's most recent artist, having recorded two tracks released in April 2014 on "The Best of Ripsaw Records, Volume 4".

The album's selections are from a cross-section of sources, but the result is pure honky tonkin' bluegrass, all well-suited for a jukebox in the seediest of locations:

There are:

  • Three well-known, hard-driving bluegrass numbers - "Rolling On Rubber Wheels" (STANLEY BROS.), "Me And The Jukebox" (BUZZ BUSBY), and "Truck Driver's Queen" (CHARLIE MOORE);
  • Four country ballads, as well as an outlaw piece, that LOUIE 'grassifies - "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" (WILLIE NELSON), "Burning Bridges" (JACK SCOTT), "All For The Love Of A Girl" (JOHNNY HORTON), "Judge And Jury" (WARREN SMITH), and "Wrong's What I Do Best." (GEORGE JONES);
  • A fast-paced train song - "Long And Lonesome Old Freight Train"
  • A '60's pop ballad that gets the SETZER "titanium tonsils" treatment - "It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'" (JOHNNY TILLOTSON);
  • A heart-wrenching Christmas song - "Christmas In Tennessee" (LUKE GORDON);
  • A gospel song - "Everyone Has To Answer In The End" (SCOTT FAMILY); and
  • two other numbers, one a bluegrass tearjerker and the other a rockabilly bop beat song - "Send Me Poppa's Fiddle" (JIM HAGAN) and "King Of Fools" (BILLY HANCOCK).

The album was recorded at PATUXENT's studio in Rockville, MD (TOM MINDTE, engineer).

Musicians were NATE GROWER (Delaware State fiddle champion), MARK DELANEY (banjo) (WASHINGTON AREA MUSIC ASS'N. Bluegrass Musician of the Year, who regularly plays with DAN PAISLEY), TOM MINDTE (mandolin master of the PATUXENT PARTNERS), and RON PENSKA (doghouse bass, who plays with SETZER's regular band, THE APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN BOYS). Grammy nominee FRANK SOLIVAN II helped out with harmony vocals, as did TOM MINDTE.

SETZER has been performing hard-driving traditional Bluegrass Music for over 40 years. His affiliation with RIPSAW led to his winning the New York City Bluegrass Club's Band of the Year Contest and a string of sold-out gigs at the legendary BELLS OF HELL in Greenwich Village.

All of his earlier RIPSAW releases are on the "Best of Ripsaw" series and are available at www.ripsawrecords.com,www.amazon.com, and elsewhere.

All of his RIPSAW releases are also widely available for download.

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