Visit Your Local Music Store - It Could Turn Into A Great Photo Op!

New York area Bluegrass musician Vincent Cross got a nice surprise recently when visiting his favorite music store.  Read Below to see what he has to say.


I could not believe my eyes, when I dropped into Umanov's for some strings to discover Peter Rowan hanging trying out this 1950s style Uke. He was very kind to allow me to intrude and snap a shot.

Peter is without comparison in the bluegrass world, and is one of my favorite bluegrass singer songwriters. He's a real ground breaker in the genre, and many of us today look to him as the archetype of great singing, picking and songwriting. 

About Vincent Cross:

Vincent Cross was born in Dublin, raised in Australia, and is now located in New York.   When his family moved back to Ireland, they bought and ran a pub that served as inspiration for the lightning-fast “After-hours.” 

"In the East Village 2008, I heard a crystal clear voice that took me back to when I was being introduced to mountain music groups and families of Appalachia. It was a pleasure to hear such beauty coming out of Vincent Cross." Those are the words of the legendary Odetta.

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