Yonder Mountain String Band Announces New Band Member Line-Up!

Image635670885375536654Yonder Mountain String Band (YMSB) officially announces its new band member line-up moving forward, which features the additions of violinist Allie Kral and mandolin virtuoso Jacob Jolliff.

Joining founding members Adam Aijala (guitar, vocals), Dave Johnston (banjo, vocals) and Ben Kaufmann (bass, vocals), Kral and Jolliff appear on YMSB's latest full-length studio album, Black Sheep (Frog Pad Records), and have toured with the band over the past year.

"Just months ago, we were playing music for the first time together," says Allie Kral. "We were getting to know one another and 'testing the waters' so to speak. What we found was that we have the dedication and the drive to practice all day long, the hearts to hang out together as friends, and the souls to play together on that stage. I'm equally blessed and humbled to become a member of Yonder Mountain String Band, and forever a Kinfolk."

Jacob Jolliff adds, "It's been such an honor and a privilege to perform with Yonder Mountain String Band for the last year. I'm so grateful to the band for the opportunity, and to the fans for being so welcoming. I'm excited to continue to spend time with these great people, and push each other to make better and better music!"

"Playing with Jake and Allie, working with them in the studio, and traveling with them has been a real blast," says Dave Johnston. "I couldn't have anticipated how they have simultaneously provided a host of great possibilities and potential for Yonder Mountain while at the same time fitting in with our vibe. They are truly part of our Yonder family and I welcome the days to come."

Scheduled for national release on June 16, 2015, Black Sheep marks the first time in Yonder's history that they're utilizing, throughout an entire record, the conventional five-piece instrumental arsenal of bluegrass introduced in the 1940s: guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle and bass.

It's apparent that Black Sheep is the work of a new Yonder Mountain String Band. While it's immediately recognizable as YMSB music, there's undeniably a raw aesthetic to the studio tracks -- a sense of daring is embedded in both the instrumental interaction between these five singular musicians and in the lyrical content of each song. With the band's 17th anniversary coming this summer, YMSB continues to redefine bluegrass music as they expand the traditional acoustic genre beyond its previously established boundaries by steadily pushing the envelope into the realms of rock n' roll and improvisation.

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